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Maximum penalty for alleged seal killer

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Maximum penalty for alleged seal killer


Why this is important

In December of 2010, Jemaal Peter Roy Large of Wairu Valley is alleged to have beaten 23 seals to death with a galvanised steel pipe.

The dead include 2 bulls, 13 females and 8 pups; some of which were only a few days old. According to the Dept. of Conservation, other live seals also had injuries suggesting that they too had been struck.

These seals were knowingly and willfully beaten to death while they lay sleeping on the beach at night. This blatant act of cruelty served no purpose other than as a release for some sick perverted sense of violence.

David Clark, the lawyer acting on behalf of Large has sought to have the charges dropped, arguing the seals were in a wild state, and it was not unlawful under the Animal Welfare Act to kill any animal in a wild state.

In August of 2012, Judge Tony Zohrab dismissed the application for discharge, saying the primary purpose of the Animal Welfare Act was to reform the law in relation to animals and to prevent them being ill-treated.

The trial before a judge in Blenheim District Court was due to start on October 18.

The trial has been postponed while a judicial review is heard on Judge Zohrab's decision. The review will be heard on December 3 and depending on the outcome, the next call over date for trial will be January 22, 2013.

Update. 03 Sept 2013. Large first denies it to the police but later admits to beating seals to death. Claims it was legal hunting!


You can email the Blenheim District Court

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You can also contact the reporter covering the story for the Marlborough Express
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The Seals Of Nam

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Posted September 16, 2012
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