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Mayor Bloomberg: End Stop and Frisk Now!

Mayor Bloomberg: End Stop and Frisk Now!


Why this is important

I’m a A 20-year high school graduate from Brooklyn. I’ve been stopped, handcuffed, and violently thrown to the ground by New York’s finest more times than I can count - often with no explanation. In New York City my story is hardly unique – in fact it’s standard operating procedure for the NYPD who have stopped and frisked over 200,000 people like me in just the first three months of this year (last year they stopped and searched almost 700,000 across the city!). The “stop-and-frisk” program was just condemned by a federal judge, so if we raise our voices now we can push Mayor Bloomberg to act.

New York has a police problem, not a crime problem. Crime is at a record low, but the practice of “stopping and frisking” primarily black and Latino New Yorkers has exploded by 600% in the last decade. NYC’s Public Advocate recently called for a halt to stop and frisk and now a Federal Judge has called the policy a broad abuse of fundamental Constitutional rights, allowing a massive class action lawsuit against the city. But Bloomberg won’t change his mind unless we call on him in massive numbers.

Join me in asking Mayor Bloomberg to end stop & frisk and launch an investigation into the program.

Posted May 22, 2012
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