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CBI inquiry into the irregularity and illegal activities at Osho Ashram, Pune

CBI inquiry into the irregularity and illegal activities at Osho Ashram, Pune


Why this is important

Reasons behind our petition:

1. Osho's Forged Will

-Why did the Osho International Foundation (OIF) produce a fake 'will' for Osho, 23 years after his death? The will was proven forged in Europe and India, and a police report, called an FIR complaint dated 8th December 2013, was filed at Pune’s Koregaon Police Station against the 6 OIF members involved. We are astonished as to why the police have not taken any action, even after weeks of filing a FIR against a serious non-bailable offense.

This petition respectfully demands that the authorities act promptly and bring the accused to justice.

2. Osho's Samadhi

When Osho left his body on 19th January 1990, Swami Amrito (another member of OIF) stated publicly that Osho wanted his samadhi to be in Chuantzu house inside the Ashram; Osho’s ashes were interred and his samadhi was physically built inside the Osho Ashram. Pune’s Osho Ashram is now called the Osho International Meditation Resort.

- Why is the OIF management now saying that there is no samadhi inside the Ashram but just the Chuantzu house?

- Why was the marble epitaph that Osho chose for his Samadhi, with his words and his picture, removed from his samadhi?

-Is OIF denying the existence of the samadhi now, because according to India’s constitutional law, a samadhi is a public place of spiritual sentiment and is open for public access and cannot be sold, and people cannot be stopped from entering it?

This petition respectfully demands that Osho's samadhi be reinstated inside the Osho Ashram and made open for all Osho lovers and disciples.

3. Trademark and Copyright Harassment

-In October 30, 2008, the Osho International Foundation lost the trademark of the word "Osho" with regard to meditations and related usages in the case against Osho Friends Foundation, which was fought in America.

- OIF still continues to harass and torture sannyasins in the name of fabricated trademark and copyrights by closing and stopping their sites, Facebook pages, Youtube accounts, meditation centers and therapy facilitators.-It is the duty of the OIF management to help and inspire other Osho disciples to share the vision of Osho through all available, modern day mediums and technology. On the contrary OIF closes down the web pages, YouTube accounts, Facebook pages that share Osho's pictures, audio and video in the name of fabricated copyrights. Why is OIF doing this? Why do they want to monopolize and commercialize Osho's wisdom as per their benefits?

This petition respectfully demands an end be brought to this kind of illegal and immoral torturing of Osho sannyasins and lovers willing to spread the vision of Osho. OSHO must be available for all of Osho′s people to use to describe what they′re doing. Just like Buddha, Krishna and Jesus cannot be copyrighted and trademarked, Osho also cannot be diminished to a private brand and be made into a private trademark or a copyright.

4. Osho's Picture Removed and Osho Celebrations Banned

- Why did the Ashram abruptly stop celebration days like Osho’s birthday, Enlightenment day , Master's day , Mahaparinirvana day, which were colorful events during his lifetime and were continued even after Osho left his body? Why were Osho's pictures removed from his book covers, Meditation Hall and samadhi? Osho was in favor of putting his pictures on the cover of his books and it was continued several years even after he left his body. Why did the management abruptly decide to remove Osho's pictures from everywhere?

-This is a well executed gradual erasure of Osho. Why is the management doing this?

This petition respectfully demands that the rights of all sannyasins and Osho lovers to freely and peacefully celebrate their master's birthday, Mahaparinirvana, Enlightenment day and Master's day, and to return their master's picture inside his Ashram, and all of these practices be reinstated.

5. Banned Disciples

-Why did OIF ban thousands of dedicated, early Osho disciples from the Ashram? These long-time disciples who spread Osho’s vision were banned one by one from entering the Ashram and not even allowed to pay their homage to their master's samadhi?

This petition respectfully demands that the fundamental rights of every individual provided by the Indian government be reinstated to freely and peacefully visit the place of spiritual value and with sentiments restored.

6. Osho's Sannyas Initiation

At the Ashram, why was sannyas initiation, on which Osho's vision of new man was based, gradually discouraged and completely altered from its original form?

This petition respectfully demands that those willing to be initiated into Osho's neo-sannyas be allowed to take sannyas and that sannyas celebrations be facilitated as in the past days with Osho.

7. Demolition of Osho's Buddha Hall and Podium

-Why was the Ashram’s Buddha hall and the podium where Osho gave his lectures demolished without any prior notice or consent from his disciples? This site was revered by millions of sannyasins and had sentimental and spiritual values for millions of disciples. This action constitutes desecration of a sacred site.-Osho has mentioned the importance of marble and has called it a great preserver of spiritual energy in many of his discourses, calling it the main reason why Indian temples are made out of marble. Why was all the marble from the Buddha hall and Osho's bedroom removed and sold after Osho left his body?

This petition respectfully demands that the sanctity of the Buddha hall, Osho's podium and his bedroom be reinstated and that activities such as liquor dance parties and walking with shoes at these areas be stopped, and that whatever is left after the demolition be preserved.

8. Mismanagement of Funds

-Every year a huge amount of income and royalty is earned by Osho’s best-selling books, audios and videos around the world, as well as from the Ashram’s costly entrance fees and therapies. Various other means of income and donations are also collected by the management. Why is there no financial transparency in the accounting of these transactions?

-Why are the financial transactions of book royalties carried out through private limited companies, Osho International Foundation in Zurich and Osho Multimedia in New York? Why are these money transferred to bank accounts outside India and not brought to the country while OIF in India is shown as bankrupt?

This petition respectfully demands the authorities to probe into this siphoning of funds and to establish transparency in all the previous and current financial transactions carried out through the management. Further this petition demands that a corporate Annual Report of all finances, investments and operations, audited by an independent, third-party accounting firm, be made available to the public once a year, based on quarterly financial and earnings reports that are also made public on the Internet by the independent, third-party accounting firm.

9. Osho's Death and Rushed Cremation

-Under what authority was it claimed that Osho's death happened through a heart attack when no autopsy was carried out? Why were standard medical procedures for investigating and certifying a death ignored?

-Osho in his recorded audio series has clearly stated:“When I am dead, don't bury my body, don't burn it, because I will be involved in you, many of you. And if you can feel, then a sage remains alive for many years, sometimes thousands of years -- because life is not only of the body. Life is an energy phenomenon. It depends on the involvement, on how many persons he was involved in. And a person like Buddha is not only involved with persons, he is involved even with trees, birds, animals; his involvement is so deep that if he dies his death will take at least five hundred years.”Osho, And the Flowers Showered, Ch 5

-Why were Osho’s explicit instructions for what was to be done to his body after his death ignored in lieu of a rush cremation?

-Why was an ENT doctor, Dr. Gokul Gokani(Sw Anand Krishna) made to sign the death certificate of Osho instead of a qualified coroner, medical examiner, a professional death investigator or a forensic pathologist?

In the investigation of a death, especially the death of an enlightened master that will be recorded for all of history, the most valuable documentation by a qualified coroner is a careful examination of the cause and manner of death. A coroner or medical examiner describes the immediate cause of death, including the conditions and sequence of events that led up to the death. Additionally, the examiner always lists underlying causes of death and an autopsy is carried out in a non-rushed manner. The last wishes of the individual regarding burial and cremation preferences are always respected, without challenge. OIF must answer for the disrespect of Osho’s after-death preference so that dignity is restored, millions of Osho lovers and sannyasins can have peace of mind about their master, and history will know the truth of what happened.

-Osho always made the best use of modern technology to record his lectures and everything that happened in his life. Why would Osho not call for the best modern video recording system that was available at the Ashram to explain his last words, which Amrito and Jayesh later claimed he had said, including the statement that Osho left his dream to Jayesh. On the pretext of the recent forged will produced by OIF, it is clearly evident that the statements were fully fabricated and full of foul play.

-Why was Osho cremated within ten minutes of publicly announcing him dead? Why was there so much hurry to rush his cremation?

This petition respectfully demands all of these questions be answered and truth be established about the incidents related to Osho's death.

In conclusion, these are the unsolved and unanswered questions and mysteries surrounding Osho International Foundation (OIF). Clearly, Osho's great spiritual legacy is at stake and this concerns millions of Osho disciples and lovers around the world.
THIS PETITION RESPECTFULLY REQUESTS THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA TO INITIATE A CBI INQUIRY OR AN INDEPENDENT JUDICIAL INVESTIGATION IMMEDIATELY of these matters and bring the culprits to justice. This petition respectfully demands a thorough investigation and the correction of all wrongs with due legal process and full public reportability. Please protect the spiritual legacy of Osho and reinstate the sanctity of the Osho Ashram, investigate all concerns listed, and ensure that all money is returned from private bank accounts in Europe and America, to India, with full accountability.We are assured that if these problems are solved, Pune’s Osho Ashram will regain again attract millions of Osho lovers and seekers from around the world who are abstaining from coming to Pune because of the above mentioned reasons.

Posted January 3, 2014
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