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NESTLE! No more Child slavery and trafficking!

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NESTLE! No more Child slavery and trafficking!


Why this is important

According to the U.S department of state, more than 109,000 children work on cocoa farms in the “worst forms of child labor”. Child laborers face frequent exposure to dangerous pesticides which can have serious health consequences. They labor for long hours in the heat using dangerous tools. Most West African children spend their lives harvesting cocoa beans without ever eaten a chocolate bar. Nestle is the 3rd largest exporter of cocoa from regions affected by forced and abusive child labor but one of the LARGEST consumer products company in the WORLD. They definitely do have the resources AND the will to make things happen as long as they want to. In 2001, Nestle signed a protocol together with other chocolate companies, pledging against child slavery. But look what has happened just 10 years later? Though it has publicly committed itself to action that will eradicate child labour, little result has been seen.
The crimes of Nestle's indifference towards children being forced in labour are tainted on to the very products we purchase from them. Even if you do not boycott their products, we owe it to these children to at least sign the petition so we can pressure Nestle and BE the ACCOUNTABILITY that they have not had to face for all these years.

Posted October 23, 2013
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