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One Simple Question – Is The "Australian Government" Lawful?

One Simple Question – Is The "Australian Government" Lawful?


Why this is important

It appears the original "Government of the Commonwealth" constituted in 1900 may have been usurped by a corporation named the "Australian Government" - The "Australian Government" has failed to demonstrate that it is the same one as established at the inception of this country.

From the constitution of 1900; the Governor-General administers the "Government of the Commonwealth."

The Governor-General appoints Judges, Ministers, Justices of the Peace and other necessary Officers. The Governor-General also assents in the Queen's name to proposed laws having passed both Houses of the Parliament.

The Governor-General's duties are reliant upon the Office of Governor-General.

Efforts to determine the lawful validity of the Office of Governor-General have been stonewalled by Ministers, Judges, Commissioners and other Officers throughout Australia. Questions to today's Governor-General in Canberra were similarly stonewalled.

With no other redress, this petition requests Her Majesty to advise whether or not the original instrument constituting the Office of Governor-General is still lawful and applicable today.

Posted November 17, 2012
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