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Protect Icelandic Nature

Protect Icelandic Nature


Why this is important

Icelandic Nature is under siege from energy companies wishing to dam and drill as far and wide as possible with many untouched open landscapes and beautiful natural treasures under threat.

Recently the Icelandic Parliament has approved an energy plan which allows for widespread destruction of the natural landscape in Reykjanesskagi, the vicinity in which the international airport in Keflavik resides. This will take form in unsustainable geothermal plants which will only last a few decades and will effectively turn the whole region into a continuous industrial area.

The plan also permits a geothermal plant in the very sensitive Myvatn area.

There are also several areas still under consideration for energy projects, one of which, Thjorsa, has one of the biggest wild salmon stocks in Europe, which according to experts will potentially be destroyed if dams will be built there, let alone the destruction of waterfalls and landscapes which would follow.

Protect Icelandic Nature is about Icelandic people reaching out to the world to ask you to share in our love of it and help those who want to protect it.

Posted January 16, 2013
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