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Rebuild the World Heritage Cemetries of Jannatul Baqi & Mohalla

Rebuild the World Heritage Cemetries of Jannatul Baqi & Mohalla


Why this is important

This petition is basically in support of the oppressed and to save the World Heritage sites of prime importance to Muslims across the World. These cemeteries in Saudi Arabia were having mausoleums of important personalities of Islam and Saudi government demolished them despite protest from the International Muslim Community.

Muslims have staged protests across the World every year and have been asking Saudi Government to rebuild them, I need to put a point here, when Talibans destroyed Bahamiyan Buddhas, there was a huge cry all over the World and all governments and common people joined in the protest against the Talibans and even till now there are debates to restore the statues. I'm asking the same people and governments to join the cause of rebuilding the cemeteries of Jannatul Baqi and Mohalla and ask Saudi Government to back off and keep their extremist ideologies with them and don't apply these illogical rules on Muslims around the World.

Saudis are the same people/rulers who promoted Talibans and extremism and the thinking that non Muslims should be killed however in real Islam there is nothing like this and Quran says that if you kill an human being, it is as if you killed the whole humanity! Please come forward and join the CAUSE....

Posted August 26, 2012
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