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Enable EU Rural Development Programme to aid sustainable communities

Enable EU Rural Development Programme to aid sustainable communities


Why this is important

All across Europe, grass-roots initiatives are trying to help create a more sustainable Europe for our environment, our people and our future generations. One of the leading movements in this direction is the ecovillage movement, creating innovative living demonstrations that another world characterised by economic, social and ecological sustainability is possible. But these cross-sector citizen initiatives are often not easily supported by narrow EU sector or territorial programmes. Many ecovillages struggle with unecological local regulations, inflexible EU programmes, closed-minded advisory services, and profit-focused lending that are not designed for integrated community initiatives. Please show your support by signing this petition to the European Parliament asking for better recognition of the potential the ecovillage movement can offer transition to a sustainable Europe.

See full proposal text at

Thanks for your support!
Robert Hall
Partner in EUSBSR Flagship
Activist in Global Ecovillage Network
Resident of Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage, Gotland, Sweden

Posted July 18, 2012
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