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Stand together for dignity

Stand together for dignity


Why this is important

My name is Djiniyini Gondarra. I was born in eastern Arnhemland and I am an Elder of the Yolŋu Nation. I am asking for your support to reject the next Government's Stronger Futures legislation and call for dignity, respect and freedom for all Australians.

Tomorrow the Senate will vote on a bill that will once again seize control of the land and the lives of over 45,000 Aboriginal people living throughout the NT. The legislation is a blanket solution for all Aboriginal people, despite the unique challenges that each of our communities faces. The truth is there is no one solution -- each community needs to figure out it's own way forward.

Will you stand with me to stop the clumsy one-size-fits-all control measures and call for the Government to create policies through a diplomatic and respectful dialogue with Aboriginal Australia? When this petition reaches 100,000 I will fly down to Canberra to deliver it and ensure that politicians hear our voice. Sign and share this urgent petition.

Posted June 11, 2012
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