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Why this is important

Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullaah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



The following has been written by Andrea Christoph


With civilians being gassed to death while sleeping in Syria and turmoil all throughout the Middle East, it is little wonder that turmoil in a small village in Northen Yemen can be overlooked. But what makes this situation different is the siege on Dammaj being waged on a group who take no part in politics or the criticism of leading rulers. They are outspoken against violence except in the case of self-defense, and they justify this relying strictly on authentic texts from three primary sources, the Quran, the Sunnah and the understanding of the earliest generations also known in Arabic as the Salaf. This has led to an ongoing number of attacks and sieges on a center whose students are far from equipped to deal with anti aircraft missiles and other heavy duty weaponry.

The conditions of the bunkers are exceedingly difficult, with the lack of water and the toilet overflowing and hardly enough food, drink or room to sleep. The stores are completely empty of all food and even the men who are on guard duty may eat only bread for three days that the women have baked. More recent reports tell of women delivering babies in the cramped conditions and a woman who was 5 months pregnant for the first time with twin boys, losing them in a miscarriage. The situation is difficult as there are no diapers or sanitary napkins in the bunkers which are often needed for the excessive bleeding that naturally occurs either after successful delivery or after a miscarriage.

There are countless pictures of the self inflicted beating and bleeding that some the Shia’s engage in on the day of Ashurah, where even young children are encouraged to cut themselves to the point of bleeding. This is an expression of the great loss of Hussein and out of their love for him. Taking all this into consideration, it’s no wonder that some of the Salafi students are concerned about what the Houthis and whoever is backing them may have in store for them. Only time will tell.


The following has been previously written by Andrea Christoph

Holed up in a makeshift bunker, crowded to the brim, the women and children of Dammaj are thankful for a brief quiet after the storm of war. For weeks they have lived with the sky raining hot metal upon them, the ground shaking beneath them and death all around. One American woman, whom I will call Umm Ahmed, has endured more than one war against Dammaj, but “ this one is the worst”. She had never heard such crashing sounds, with such intensity and such frequency in all the years of attacks on Dammaj by Houthi factions. She sits with her children after asr and plays a game with them to distract them. While there is little food and little water, there are plenty of shells from bullets. She makes up a sort of “bowling” game where they stack up the shells and see how far they can go until they fall.

The question on everyone’s mind, and one that has been voiced by many of Dammaj’s students, is how far the Houthis are truly going to go. The eyewitness accounts are horrific, and many cannot comprehend the mindset of those who will not cease attacking so that the dead can be collected. They wonder about the mentality of those who not only bomb places of prayer, not only prevent aid from entering, but also target hospitals where the facilities are already far from sufficient to care for limbs that are blown off, severed intestines and exposed head wounds.

One female student and British national who preferred to be called Aaliyah, spoke of what her husband had seen. “ One brother … Canadian… was shot in his head. Another brother had his leg blown off and bled to death because he couldn’t get treatment. Someone else had a chunk taken out the top of his head and was scratching it, taking bits of flesh with it and unaware of what he was doing.”


We therefore call on the Secretary General of the Arab League and the dormant government of Yemen to intervene to save the innocent lives.

Brothers and sisters, increase in supplication for our brothers, sisters and children in Dammaaj. The siege by the heretics (Zanaadiqah hoothiyyoon rawaafid) still continues.

Please Ask Your Imams for Dua for Sa’adah Sunni Muslims in Yemen.

Posted November 4, 2013
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