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Save Canadian Bees!

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Save Canadian Bees!


Why this is important

The continuing death of bees throughout the globe is the single biggest threat to our food supply that we have yet faced as a species.

Recently, a massive 37 MILLION bees were found dead in Elmwood, Ontario.

While this in of itself is a terrible event, it has also at last pointed to the most probable cause; nanonicotinoids, used while seeding corn to protect the crops, also pollutes the air during the planting season.

While mostly harmless to us, nanonicotinoids have been proven by Perdue University to be neurotoxic to bees.

If nanonicotinoids are banned in Canada, we may see the end to mass bee deaths and a distinct improvement in crops in this country, and hopefully inspire other countries to follow our example.

Posted July 2, 2013
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