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Save Wolf Lake

Save Wolf Lake


Why this is important

Dear Premier McGuinty and Minister Bartolucci,

I am deeply concerned that mining is still allowed in the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve.

Wolf Lake, located along the Chiniguchi waterway in the southwestern part of the greater Temagami canoe area, is home to the largest old-growth red pine forest in the world. Wolf Lake contains the core of 1,600 hectares of red pine with trees more than 300 years old. This diverse ecosystem has thrived for centuries providing important habitat for wildlife and has now become a haven for hikers and canoeists. The towering pines found at Wolf Lake are part of an endangered ecosystem that is estimated to persist on only 1.2% of its former extent.

Allowing mining activity is a dangerous approach to take in the "management" of this unique and much-loved area. Mining exploration has already destroyed a popular campsite, killed ancient pines, damaged the fragile soils, and disturbed the freshwater creeks of the Wolf Lake area. Exploration activities are intended to lead to an operational mine in the heart of this old-growth forest, a truly catastrophic outcome for the rare old growth forest.

Wolf Lake was promised for protection 13 years ago. It is irresponsible to leave this irreplaceable ecosystem and its prime canoe routes in peril from industry any longer.

The Wolf Lake old-growth forest, including substantial buffer zones on all sides, should be fully and permanently protected - under no circumstances should industrial activities be allowed to proceed in Canada's largest old-growth red pine forest. This area should be permanently protected as part of a continuous corridor that includes the entire Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, all of Chiniguchi Lake, and the associated red and white pine forests. I will be watching this issue closely and plan to take further action if this issue is not resolved soon. I hope to count on the government of Ontario to finally do the right thing.

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Posted May 9, 2012
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