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Stanford University: Stop Using Chinese Propaganda

Stanford University: Stop Using Chinese Propaganda


Why this is important

Stanford University recently announced that it would be hosting a ‘Pan Asian Music Festival’ that is being directly sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Confucius Institute, and the Chinese controlled local government in Tibet. It is at best, a propaganda event aimed at influencing an American audience. With shows titled “Shambala Impression”, most of the audience would never know that Tibetans are engaged in a daily struggle against genocide and brutal occupation. Musicians, Teachers, Students, Intellectuals are imprisoned and tortured on a regular basis in Tibet, simply for just being Tibetan, or expressing political sentiments critical of the CCP and its occupation. The Canadian Association of University Teachers has called on Universities and Colleges to sever their ties with the Confucius Institutes because it ‘subsidized’ and ‘supervised’ by the authoritarian government of China.

While Stanford keeps its multi-million dollar China endowment secure, opening projects across the Chinese mainland, it has become a direct proxy for the Chinese government itself. The stakes have never been higher and academic freedom in America is truly in grave danger.


We need your voice to put an end to this blatant Chinese government propaganda on Stanford's campus. With enough phone calls, emails, and letters, we can pressure the school into canceling all offensive Tibetan events.


Stanford Pan-Asian Music Festival Administrative Office

Phone: 650.725.2694 Email: [email protected]

Office of the President Stanford University

Phone:(650) 723-2481 E-mail: [email protected]

Confucius Institute of Stanford

Phone: (650) 725-2742 E-mail: [email protected]

Stanford website for Propaganda event:

This petition was created by Tibetan National Congress, Students for a Free Tibet - West,San Fransisco-Tibetan Youth Congress, Bay Area Friends of Tibet

Posted February 6, 2014
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