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Stop Sexual Violence Against Women in Egypt!

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Stop Sexual Violence Against Women in Egypt!


Why this is important

Women are being violently harassed, beaten up, raped, and marginalized every day in Egypt. Police stations have failed to follow up on the reports filed for sexual violence and have been accused of turning a blind eye on incidents to cause the impression that crime is being dealt with. If Egypt is to transition into a democracy, this has to stop now!

As you read this, Egypt’s new constitution is being drafted and with President Mohamed Morsi’s recent election, now is a critical moment to pressure him into setting forth an agenda that stands by the Egyptian Women’s Charter, which aims to give women the right to equal opportunities, fair and just laws, human security, education, and healthcare.

Let's join together in a gigantic outcry to stop treating women as second class citizens and punishing them for their participation in the struggle for democracy. Sign the petition!

Women constitute half of Egypt’s population and about a third of them are the sole breadwinners in their households. However, 40% are still illiterate and only 16% have a full time job. In times of national rebirth, it is vital that they have an equal say in the country’s future and are protected from public attacks and sexual harassment.

President Morsi has announced that he will appoint a female vice president, but there is no guarantee that her voice will ever be heard. The first draft for the new constitution is expected to be ready in four weeks. This is our chance to demand that women are a part of the dialogue in order to ensure that their rights become one of Egypt’s priorities.

You have the power to provide Egypt with a national policy that honors the efforts of the revolution. Let’s get as many signatures as possible to have our voice heard!

Posted July 12, 2012
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