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Stop The Return Of Bullfighting to TV

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Stop The Return Of Bullfighting to TV


Why this is important

One argument for bullfighting is "it is part of our culture". The same could be said of witch burning or freak shows. Bullfighting is an horrendous sport, targeting a defenseless, drugged animal for 'entertainment'. If we don't do something now the cruel deaths of hundreds of bulls will be broadcast to an entire nation, during children's viewing hours!

On 5 September families across Spain watched bulls killed... on live television!

The People's Party (PP) of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took control this year of the broadcaster's board and now, Televisión Española (TVE) and paid the cost of setting up the multi-camera broadcast, funded by Government subsidies.

The bull is not a naturally aggressive animal, but is turned into a mentally destroyed creature by cruel techniques that include:

1. Wet newspapers stuffed in its ears
2. Vaseline rubbed into eyes
3. A strong caustic (acidic/ burning) solution rubbed onto legs to throw it off balance and keep it from lying down on the ground
4. Drugs administered to pep it up or slow it down
5. Kept in a dark box for a couple of days before facing the ring

In the ring, Picadors cut into the bull's neck muscles with a long spike, thrust into the bull and twisted round to make a large, gaping wound.

Then Matadors plunge harpoon-like barbed instruments into the bull’s body.

A trumpet signals the final “act” - the kill. A single sword thrust is supposed to sever the artery near the heart — in fact, this rarely happens, often taking 2-3 attempts.

One show has already been broadcast! Help us to make it the last my signing this petition!

Posted August 26, 2012
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