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Stop Witch Hunts

Stop Witch Hunts


Why this is important

The Witch-hunt is a centuries old tool of prejudice against society, in particular women.

Witchcraft accusations, hangings, stoning episodes, burnings, beatings, hackings, banishing and forced relocations are common types of brutality and violence women in particular, are still subjected to in many communities of South Africa. All too often, with epidemic frequency, the disempowered (old women, children and men) are subjected to false accusations, brutal and abusive treatment at the hands of accusers, rural courts, superstitious and angry mobs who wish to purge their community of the perceived “evil” amongst them.

Help us bring an end to accusations of witchcraft and witch hunts by persuading the appropriate authorities to a) admit that witch-hunts are human rights abuses, and b) to prioritize advocacy and action to end witch hunts.


TouchStone Advocacy

In support of '30 days of advocacy against witch-hunts'
Advocating an end to witch-hunts globally

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Posted February 1, 2013
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