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Stop oppressing women with unachievable beauty ideals!

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Stop oppressing women with unachievable beauty ideals!


Why this is important

This petition aims to change the way women are represented by high-street shops - mannequins displayed in stores present women with models of beauty that they are unable to healthily achieve. This is part of a wider problem, 'the Beauty Myth' as Naomi Wolf put it: a system used to oppress 'emancipated' women.

If I had a young daughter, I would not want her thinking that that is how she should look, in order to be attractive and be worthy of wearing those clothes. I wouldn't want her to end up with an eating disorder, like so many young people today, or some other awful complex about her looks.

Please help me to show our patriarchal society what it is doing to us!

Posted June 15, 2012
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