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Stop the Rhino Killers

Stop the Rhino Killers


Why this is important

Update: Two more rhinos have been killed since we launched this campaign. Let's act now to stop this mindless massacre!

As the editor of India’s most trusted wildlife magazine*, I’m dismayed by the increasing rhino poaching incidents in what was once a well-protected national park. And I dread the coming monsoon when brutal poachers will go on a rhino-killing spree when much of the park is inaccessible and difficult to protect. But together we can get PM Singh to help save India’s last rhinos -- before the slaughter begins.

Poachers in the pay of the illegal international wildlife trade ran riot when the government removed experienced rangers from the Kaziranga National Park, but popular pressure has forced them to reinstate some of the best people. However, these brave rangers are up against ruthless Rambo-style poachers carrying AK47 assault rifles and desperately need more manpower and equipment to fight back. Since this is happening in PM Singh’s state, Assam, a massive, targeted public outcry can get him to help stop the rhino killing.

Sign this urgent petition to the PM and tell everyone calling on him to act to protect the rhinos before the monsoons hit and the poachers move in. When over 50,000 of us sign, we will create a media storm and stage a hard-hitting stunt outside the PM’s office.

*Sanctuary Asia

Posted March 26, 2013
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