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Stop the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill from being built

Stop the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill from being built


Why this is important

Australian timber giant Gunns is trying to build a massive polluting pulp mill in the pristine rural area of Tasmania's Tamar Valley, despite overwhelming local opposition.

Gunns' cosy relationship with local politicians and the media has allowed them to force the project through without proper consultation. The corporate effort was spearheaded by the former head of Gunns, now facing criminal insider trading charges, and the approval process has been called "corrupt" by respected Australian senators and national environmental groups.

Only a strong public outcry can stop this mill and clean up Gunns' control of our state government. With other local people, I've been protesting this mill for years -- but with your help, we can raise an outcry of such a scale that we can't be ignored. Sign my petition to tell the Tasmanian government to reject the mill and stop Gunns' destruction!

Posted April 11, 2012
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