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Stop the creation of a company dried shark fins in Arico, Tenerife

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Stop the creation of a company dried shark fins in Arico, Tenerife


Why this is important

The ocean's health is in great danger, sharks are necessary for biological balance of all marine ecosystem. Morally the finning is at least doubtful, cuting fins away and then throw an animal alive to the sea, where some will spend days dying, is an inexcusable act. Moreover, this type of fishing is not traditional in the Canary Islands.

We claim to the Canary Islands Regional Government and the Minister of Fisheries, Agriculture and Food of Spain, to stop the creation of these businesses that destroy the ocean hopelessly, all ready exhausted that future generations depend on it.

The Canary Islands are loved around the globe as they are, a natural paradise with the sharks in the sea. That's why tourism, the economic engine of the islands, will be severely affected.

Posted June 5, 2012
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