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BRICS - BRICS call for humanitarian access in Syria

BRICS - BRICS call for humanitarian access in Syria


What and how we won!

Our target the BRICS just released their final summit Communiqué calling for all parties in Syria to “allow and facilitate immediate, safe, full and unimpeded access to humanitarian organisations to all in need of assistance”. Now we need to make sure that this statement by the BRICS will translate into meaningful action for civilians on the ground in Syria. Assad must grant immediate permission to the UN to cross Syria’s borders to meet the escalating needs. Full, unimpeded access means aid anytime, anywhere

Why this is important

UPDATE: 27 March 2013: -- We just received the final statement from the BRICS summit which calls for all parties to allow humanitarian access to all those in need of assistance in Syria. This is a fantastic success in ensuring more access to address the catastrophic humanitarian situation, particularly in opposition-held areas of Syria. Now, the BRICS – and in particular Russia – should spare no effort to press the Syrian government to concretely respond to their call by agreeing to allow humanitarian assistance to reach those in need across all of Syria’s borders, including Turkey. Thank you so much all for joining our call and supporting this campaign.


Syrians are suffering.

4 million people trapped in Syria need humanitarian aid, more than 2 million of them children. Schools and hospitals have been destroyed. Children as young as eight have been used as human shields, and one in every three Syrian children has been injured.

Achieving a lasting peace will be complicated – delivering humanitarian aid shouldn’t be.

Syrians need food and medicine, but the UN says it needs permission from the Syrian regime to deliver aid across borders into rebel controlled areas. Assad refuses to consent to such access. The BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa – are the only powerful governments left able to compel him to do so.

While our governments play politics, civilians pay the price.

The BRICS are meeting at their annual summit March 26-27 in Durban. Let’s have the world stand in solidarity with the people of Syria – the victims of this horror – and tell the BRICS to stop turning a blind eye to Assad choking off aid for Syrians.

Sign this petition and I’ll have it delivered at the summit.

Posted March 19, 2013
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