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Support Bill H.R. 4122 to Ban Wild Animals as Pets

Support Bill H.R. 4122 to Ban Wild Animals as Pets


Why this is important

The following Bill if passed by Congress. Will eliminate the ability for certain "Animal Parks" to Commercially Trade in or Breed these animals. Will prohibit direct contact between the public and these animals. And no longer allow the transport and display of these animals off-site. Meaning no more road shows.

Wild animal parks, need to be regulated much better than they currently are. Breeding, cross-breeding, taking cubs on road shows, allowing people direct contact with the animals, keeping these poor Big Cats in those small enclosures with nowhere to run, abuse run rampant, as well as a slew of abuses found during 2 Investigations. 1 by PETA and another by HSUS. And many citations from the USDA. This all has to stop NOW!

Full Story & Videos Here:

This Bill is needed not only on the basis of animal welfare, but also of public safety. As shown in the incident in Zainesville Ohio in October 2011, when a suicidal big-cat owner released lions, tigers and other exotic animals.

Posted March 5, 2013
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