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To Prohibit The Holding Of Any Cetacean Species in Captivity in India

To Prohibit The Holding Of Any Cetacean Species in Captivity in India


Why this is important


Imagine being violently separated from your family and friends. Forced to live your entire life stuck in one unchanging room. Deprived of food so that you will perform tricks multiple times in a day for a screaming audience. Poked,touched and examined by strangers on a regular basis. Sound like a horrific form of torture?

Well, that's the life dolphins and whales live in captivity every single day!

We now need your help to stop this from happening in India. A spate of proposals to keep cetaceans in captivity for commercial entertainment have sprung up in several states of India and it is up to all of us to ensure that these extraordinarily intelligent, social, friendly marine mammals stay wild and free!

Join the campaign launched by FIAPO - Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations and ensure that the Ministry of Environment & Forests prohibits the keeping of any cetaceans in captivity in India.

Posted April 16, 2013
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