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Tell Interpol to Search Every Shop in Vietnam for Illegal Rhino Horn

Tell Interpol to Search Every Shop in Vietnam for Illegal Rhino Horn


Why this is important

From research done by TRAFFIC and reports by independent journalists, it has become clear that 90% of illicit Rhino Horn trade is being conducted in or near Hanoi, Vietnam.

Yet very few traditional medicine dealers are raided by police. It is simply not a priority - yet.

In 2007, only 13 Rhinos were poached in South Africa. Since then, Rhino killings have escalated horrendously, to a projected 600+ per year currently. Should the carnage continue, it would mean that the species, which have existed for more than 10 million years, will become extinct in less than 5 years.

Mr Khoo Boon Hui, President of Interpol, is ready to launch a massive policing exercise to search of the traders in Vietnam, but needs worldwide support to make that decision.

Help him by signing the petition that will end this insane demand for Rhino Horn.

The moment we have a thousand signatures, we will send him a letter.

Share on Facebook, Twitter and via email. This has become critical. Every week, 11 more Rhino are killed because the dealers are spreading the false rumour that horn has curative powers - which it doesn't.

Posted March 30, 2012
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