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UK ministry of justice: STOP sale of Fenton Town Hall containing Great War Memorial

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UK ministry of justice: STOP sale of Fenton Town Hall containing Great War Memorial


Why this is important

Fenton Town Hall contains the community's magnificent Great War Memorial. Today, both hall and memorial are under serious threat of demolition.

Made from Minton tiles and at 4m x 3m in dimension, the Great War Memorial remembers 498 men who gallantly lost their lives in service of their country.

The town hall, built in 1888 for the people of Fenton, was recently put up for sale by The Ministry of Justice. Unfortunately, they have refused to enter into a dialogue with the community over the memorial's future.

The memorial's size and weight means it cannot be moved: it is deeply embedded into a wall at the top of a flight of stairs. But, as neither the memorial nor the town hall are protected, a recent application for listing status was rejected, there could be severe repercussions for the hall, memorial and community should the hall fall into the "wrong hands".

As we begin to remember the sacrifices made by millions during the Great War, for many it seems ironic that a Ministry of Justice should be about to violate the memory of 498 courageous souls.

We ask you to sign this petition in requesting the Ministry of Justice put a hold on the sale of the building and listen to the community's ideas for the town hall.

That way we have a chance of ensuring the preservation of this fabulous piece of heritage - wonderful to all, priceless to many.

Posted June 8, 2013
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