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Urge Vancouver Aquarium not to replace the Beluga whale

Urge Vancouver Aquarium not to replace the Beluga whale


Why this is important

Whales are the majestic creatures of our oceans. It was never their purpose to be held, confined in cement aquariums for the amusement of humanity.

Whales in captivity suffer.
The Beluga whales travel hundreds of miles in the wild, constrained in an aquarium they swim in circular patterns,.
Whales suffer physically and psychological because their social and behaviour cannot be provided for in an aquarium tank.
There is a high mortality rate both for whales captured from the wild and those born in captivity.

"Kavna", the Beluga whale recently died in captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Only 2 belugas are left at the Vancouver Aquarium, Aurora and Qila. The Aquarium closed the orca whale tank in 2001.
Now it's time to close the beluga tank too.

Vancouver Aquarium, we urge you not to replace the beluga whales.

Posted August 8, 2012
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