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allow Organic Certification for more modern techniques

allow Organic Certification for more modern techniques


Why this is important

Organic Certification for perfectly healthy food, grown sustainably without pesticides or herbicides with modern techniques like Aquaponics etc..., which can make Organic even more sustainable (savings on energy, water, avoiding leeching of nutrients into the bottom, contaminating the water table,...) is impeded, only because of the confusing word "soil" in the Organic Standards.

The EU has launched a public questionaire regarding future Organic Certification, but not one question in this questionaire relates to new techniques, which is very disappointing. This petition is a unique opportunity to make a change!

time for signing this petition is not crucial, as the EU needs time to write new directives, which then can be amended, so we have some months left to collect lots of signatures.

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Posted March 16, 2013
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