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Why this is important

can every 1 please sign this petition for my best friend Louise Balcarres shes a wonderful caring mother who is fighting hard un like some to get her children back.. she has made some wrong choices in life, but come on who hasn't little people don't come with an instruction manual and i can guarantee you she loves her children unconditionally.

She made a wrong choice in a man who caused domestic violence.. she got rid of him, yet still lost her kids is this right??... NO its not... social services find it easier to remove the kids rather than work with the parents because it makes there job easier even tho the kids constantly cry for there mummy and clearly say they want to go back home and live with there mummy!!!

social services don't care about that tho do they.. so can you please sign this petition it may help it may not but if you don't sign when it takes 10 seconds we will never no & im pretty dam sure id do the same for you if you found yourself in this heartbreaking situation PLEASE SIGN THANK YOU.

Here is how this family was torn apart... written by Louise Balcarres (mummy of children)....

Well i have 2 children 1girl aged 5 and 1boy aged 4, May last year i was advised by social services to let my sister-in-law take care of my children for a couple of days to give me some rest-bite as i was going through a upsetting and stressful time due to me giving evidence at court regarding my ex partner beating me up.. i agreed to let my so called sister in law to care for my children for 2 days then i want them back home, it was all agreed... until 2 days was up and i asked for my children to be returned where i was told i am not allowed them bck as Social services have gone to court and got a emergency interim care order on the grounds that i was always getting involved with violent partners (domestic violence) and also saying my mental health is unstable. I am still fighting to have my two baby's returned to me now through the courts my case is listed for contested hearing in august this year and would like to take my petition with me to the court to show the judge dealing with my case. I have used the time my children have been away from me to do parenting courses, freedom programme for domestic violence.
also i have had a psychological assessment done to use as my defense against the allegations about my mental health...

Posted April 10, 2013
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